Prayer Tips

Pray without ceasing.

Pray Without Ceasing

Do you feel that God isn’t hearing your prayers? Does it feel like he’s taking a long time to answer your prayer request? We have all felt this way at some point in our Christian walk. You’ve prayed and prayed and prayed and still no answer.

It’s important to know that God hears every prayer that you pray. He desires to answer our every prayer. Sometimes you have to seek Him more for answers. Here are a few ways to help get your prayers answered:

Step #1: Clean Out Your House

What does cleaning your house have to do with getting answers from prayers? I’m referring to cleaning out your temple – you’re inner house – your heart. Get rid of any kind of sin, forgiveness, envy, hate, disbelief and doubt. All of these negative things can hinder your relationship with God.

Prayer Tip: Before you begin your daily prayer time with God, ask Him to forgive you for anything thing that you may have done wrong. You may think, “Well, I just woke up, I’ve done nothing wrong.” To be on the safe side, ask Him the following:

“Lord, if I have offended you in any way, please forgive me.”

Step #2: Meditate on Him

Before you pray, mediate on all that He has done for you. Think about His goodness. Sometimes reflecting on Bible stories can enhance your mediation experience. For example, you can mediate on the Woman with the Issue of blood found in Luke 8:43-48 or when God created the Heaven’s and Earth in Genesis 1.

Prayer Tip: Listening to soft music can help set the ambiance.

Praising God in Advance

Praise God in Advance

Step #3: Worship & Praise Him

Let Him know that you truly appreciate all He has done and you love Him.
Remember, you’re coming before the King of Kings. This is letting the Lord know that He takes precedence in your life.

Prayer Tip: Pray the following…

“Glory, Hallelujah! I worship you Jesus! I love you!”

Step #5: Write Down Your Prayer Request on Paper

There is something very special about writing your prayer request down on paper. You’re letting God know that you are serious about receiving answers from Him.

Step #6: Pray Your Written Prayer Request Out Loud

Reading your prayer request out loud seals your prayer request with God. If people are around, you can whisper your prayer out loud.

Step #7: Fold Up Your Prayer Request and Place it in Your Bible
After you have read your request out loud, fold it up and place it into your Bible.

Step #8: Praise God in Advance

As you end your prayer, don’t forget to praise Him in advance. You are thanking God in advance for answering your prayers. You’re thanking Him regardless of how He answers your prayer.

Thank You Jesus! Thank You! I believe you will Answer My Prayer according to your will!

It’s important to know that God has a timeline for when He answers our prayers. You have probably heard this a dozen times: ‘God’s time is not our time’, but it’s true. The key to getting your prayers answered from God is to Trust in Him. Regardless of how He answers your prayer (yes or no) He is still God and He has wonderful plans for your future. I pray that these 8 prayer tips will help you grow stronger in God daily.

Prayer Tip: Listening to praise and worship songs can help you focus on prayer and change the atmosphere within your home.